I heard about this new company called infinity downline

Infinity Downline

Has anyone heard about or used this product called Unlimited Abundance? Apparently this is a course that was done by Christie Marie Sheldon from Mindvalley. Now I have done my fair share of personal development and have the receipts to prove it. This course is a tad bit on the pricey side, but it may be worth it considering the results it is supposed to produce.

According to Christie, the reason people don’t have abundance in their life (particularly financial abundance) is not necessarily because of a lack of skill, resources, experience, or opportunity. She claims it is because most people have contradicting beliefs about money such as “I don’t deserve an abundance of money”, “wealthy people aren’t good people”, “asking people for money is uncomfortable”, “I have to work hard for my money”, and the list goes on.

She actually claims that there are twenty four common abundance blocks that stand between us and the financial abundance that we deserve.

Christie is an intuitive healer and medium and has worked with more than 10,000 people.

Watch this video….

In 2011 she held a 12-week course that taught people how to overcome these twenty four blocks. From the success that people experienced in this course, Christie developed the Unlimited Abundance course so she can offer it to anyone (who is willing to pay for it).

I have read some of the reviews and testimonials that are out on the web. The best one I found was this Unlimited Abundance Review.

I just feel like I have to get this course. Watching this movie really opened my eyes to some things. I really think I am holding myself back because of some of the unconscious beliefs that I have picked up along the way. If anyone has purchased this course and gone through it, please leave a comment below. I will definitely keep you guys posted as to the experiences I have while I am going through it, and after I have finished it.


Unlimited Abundance Review